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 Chris's Sketch Gallery

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Mikou (Chris)
Mikou (Chris)

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PostSubject: Chris's Sketch Gallery   Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:25 am

I've always loved sketches and started drawing a few recently. My best one so far is the one below
(The korean writing at the top means Assassin....)

I'll be taking a few requests as to what I should sketch. This doesn't mean I will automatically accept. I have a few rules as to requesting. (These are similar to Exiled's rules)
1) I'm not your slave and I dont like to rush my drawings. Patience and appreciation will get you your desired drawing
2) I have the right to refuse your drawings. And I also have the right, to not only put my name on said sketch, but to
be able to deny yours on it as well.
3) Please thank me for the sketches I draw for you. Everyone likes a little bit of appreciation once in a while.
4) The rule above was not meant to be arrogant. (Lol)
5) I enjoy constructive criticism. Don't come in here flaming, "Wow! That thing sucks **** and **** ***** you ****.
Normal criticism like, "Well, you made the outline quite well, but the shading could have used more work... 7/10" Is
fine. I don't mind low scores as long as I deserve them.

~Please note:~
Tomorrow is Christmas eve, so my requests may not come in until at the very least, the 26th. I will try to have all of your requests done within one week of acceptance. Thank you.
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Chris's Sketch Gallery
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