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 Official HypnoticStory Ventrilo Server

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Owner || Awesomeness :]
Owner || Awesomeness :]

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PostSubject: Official HypnoticStory Ventrilo Server   Sun Dec 06, 2009 7:27 pm

Talk with HypnoticStory members on the Vent server someone kindly lent us Smile

Port: 4713
Password: stamps

2 Rules to Follow:
Do not goto any other channel except for HypnoticStory Chat.
Do not curse or say anything a parent would not want their 5 year old child to hear.

Please go vote now. You have the time, i know it.

We need YOUR help!
This is all to stop crashing and ALL LAG.
Together, we will win.
Click the link for more info.

$5 - 1 Item of choice.
$20 - 3 Items of Choice.
$50 - What do you want? Talk to Randy.
$100 - 20k AP
$220 - Special Characters in In-Game Name + 30k AP
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Official HypnoticStory Ventrilo Server
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